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GLASS-ED Virtual Shows

Whether you feel like you and your horse are not ready for the show environment, you don't have a trailer, or maybe this fits your busy lifestyle better, we hope that this offers you an educational way to get feedback from the judge and satisfies your competitive nature.

NEW FOR 2024! We will now be offering ALL TESTS from Intro–3rd Level/Level 3 for both Dressage and Western Dressage PLUS Musical Freestyle for TL/Basic to 3rd Level/Level 3 as well!

Virtual Shows run in May, June, July &  August

2024 Judges:

Western Dressage

  • May: Sara Justice

  • June: Karry Brothers

  • July: Michelle Binder-Zolezzi

  • Aug: Margaret Boyce

Traditional Dressage

  • May: Beth Gagliardi  

  • June: Kathy Casey

  • July: Celeste Brown

  • Aug: Eline Eckroth

“Winter Wonderland Virtual Series”  will be a special BONUS series just to combat those winter blues and keep things fun and motivated! More information coming soon!

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