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GLASS-ED Virtual Shows - Rules

Rules for Submission - The following rules MUST be followed in order for your entry to be accepted, scored, and placed.

1. Video recording and submission dates for 2024 are as follows:

  • May: Record and submit between May 1 and May 10.

  • June: Record between May 11 and June 10. Submit between June 1 and June 10.

  • July: Record between June 11 and July 10. Submit between July 1 and July 10.

  • August: Record between July 11 and August 10. Submit between August 1 and 10.

2. The video MUST be made from behind C and in a dressage arena with all letters required for that test/level. The arena dimensions should be as close to regulation size as possible, but we will be a little flexible. A small arena is 20m x 40m (66' x 132') and a large arena is 20m x 60m (66' x 198').
3. The video MUST be one continuous flow. No splicing video segments together.
4. Video MUST be taken in landscape mode.


5. Each test has a time limit. Your video must be no longer than one minute over the time listed on the test.
6. When using zoom, the judge needs to see the horse and rider, and at least a portion of the arena and letters to ensure figure and placement accuracy.  Also, don’t forget to clean the lens of your camera. Videos should be well lit so the horse and rider can be easily seen. 
7. The video MAY NOT be a ride from a previous show. The following information MUST be included on a piece of paper/white board and included at the beginning of the recording before the ride starts: Rider name, horse name, test ridden, date riddenThis information MUST be shown for a minimum of 5 seconds prior to test starting. Failure to include this will result in disqualification.
8. The bridle MUST be dropped after the ride so the judge can CLEARLY see that the bridle and bit are legal for the test ridden. The video must clearly show the bridle and bit. YOU MUST DISMOUNT BEFORE THE BIT DROP (contact Kimberly prior to recording for para exceptions if needed).


9. Upload the test to your personal YouTube account. Your video MUST be set to unlisted or public (NOT PRIVATE) and the CORRECT link included in your entry. Alternate submission formats will not be accepted. Tests in video must match tests selected on entry.

10. All regulations regarding equipment will be enforced per GLASS-ED rules.


11. Formal show attire is not required, but apparel should be neat and clean, reflecting the discipline being ridden. All rules regarding equipment will be enforced.


12. All information must match (test listed in registration form, at the beginning of the video, test ridden, title (if included ) in YouTube link.

13. As with in-person shows, the number of virtual show rides/entries per horse, per day is six (6) at the Intro level and four (4) at any level or combination of levels Training/Basic and above.

14. Only one horse/rider combo per entry form. Incorrect or missing information may cause entry to be disqualified. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK ALL INFORMATION BEFORE HITTING SUBMIT.

Click HERE to see an example of proper zooming, lighting and bit drop.

If any of the above rules are not followed, test will be ineligible for submission to that virtual show. Test will not be judged. Refunds will not be issued. 

Once the show has reached its closing date, all entries will be organized into classes. The show entries will be sent to the officiating judge. The judge will watch and score the tests on an electronic form with feedback. The judge will then send the tests back to the organizer, where the classes will be placed. Tests will then be emailed to the rider. The scores will follow the directives on the published tests. For electronic scoring, the score sheet will have abbreviated directives. Riders should review published tests to see the full directives when reviewing feedback. Results will be posted on the GLASS-ED website. 


Virtual Year End Awards Rules

1. The rider must be a GLASS-ED member and the horse must be registered with GLASS-ED.

2. Only points accrued after membership registration count for Year End Awards.

3. The rider/horse team must have participated in at least three (3) virtual GLASS-ED shows, with a minimum of three (3) total rides at the same level(s) to be qualified for Virtual Year End Awards.


4. High Point and High Percent Virtual Year End Awards will be offered at all levels with registered and qualified riders. Breed awards not offered for Virtual Year End Awards.

5. For TOC classes and Musical Freestyle (Traditional & WD), a minimum of 3 scores at the same level must be submitted, over 3 shows.  There will be a single  "TOC 3rd/4th" year end division Championship and Reserve Champion award and a "Musical Freestyle" award, respectively. These will NOT be separated into AA/Jr/Open or Level. We will not offer places below Champ/Reserve Champ for these 2 divisions.


Please contact Kimberly Dunlap at with any questions. 

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