Advertising in the 2022 GLASS-ED Omnibus 

Glass-Ed’s sanctioning guidelines and requirements provide recommendations that promote sportsmanship, horsemanship and fellowship among riders of all ages, in a controlled and structured show environment. By sanctioning your show with Glass-Ed, your competitors will be assured that your facility, judging, and show management will be to a standard they will appreciate, with an inviting and encouraging atmosphere to promote education in a dressage setting.


In addition, Glass-Ed proudly promotes all sanctioned competitions on the Glass-Ed website, facebook page, e-mail list, as well as in the printed omnibus and in print advertising – your competition is sure to be seen!


Furthermore, Glass-Ed pro

The Glass Ed Omnibus is an excellent source of advertising for you or your business!


The  Glass Ed Omnibus contains:

  • 50 pages in booklet form that will include all of the GED dressage shows and clinics.  Last year it contained 9 show and clinic listing dates, which started in April and continued through October.  Shows are located in South Western Michigan.

  • All of the board members, committee heads and their contact information

  • Information for Year End Awards

  • All of the information needed for entry for each show

  • Show entry forms

  • Membership forms

  • Year End award entry forms

  • Professional Trainer listings

  • Training Facility listings

  • Lists of GED donors and supporters

  • Ring and show information


Web Site Listing:  Advertisers will also be listed with links on the Glass Ed Web site at, and are entitled to free classified listings.


Readership:  The omnibus is distributed free to all Glass Ed members and advertisers, and extra copies are available for sale to interested persons.  Glass Ed members are located throughout Michigan, and in northern Indiana and Ohio


Printing:  One-color on plain paper stock.  Cover is heavier colored stock. 


Advertising Requirements:  Advertisers must supply their ad layout as they wish it to appear in the Omnibus. We are unable to compose the copy, or layout the ad. Advertisers need to email or send the completed ad.  If the ad you submit contains errors, Glass-Ed is not responsible for those errors. Emailed submissions should be sent in .doc, .jpg., or .pdf formats. 

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