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GLASS-ED Clinics & Educational Opportunities

Date: TBD
Location: Virtual

Feeding your Passion - Equine Nutrition Basics



During this virtual presentation, XYZ, a PhD in equine nutrition with Tribute feeds will talk to us about evaluating your horse's feed program, what type of feed your horse may need based on their workload and other health factors, and more. 

Date: March 30th, 2024
Time: 9:30a-1:30p
Location: Willow Ridge - 3700 8th Ave, Hudsonville

Introduction to Long Lining Clinic with Kimberly Dunlap

GLASS-ED Member: $40

Non-Member: $50


Unlike lunging a horse, with long lining you have a rein attached on either side of the bit or cavesson, which allows you to influence the inside/outside contact and bend. It also allows you to release the contact so you have a more elastic connection. Your horse gets to try new movements without balancing the weight of a rider. It is a great way to introduce young horses to bridle work while their bodies are still developing to carry a rider. It is also beneficial for the handler to better understand how the horse operates from a biomechanical standpoint, to train their eye and understanding of alignment, even thrust from behind, self carriage, and the subtle but powerful way our own body position and body language effects the horse, even when not in the saddle. When done correctly with patience and attention to detail it can be an effective tool to build body awareness, coordination, strength, responsiveness to light aids and confidence.  It is a form of horsemanship that can benefit every horse, regardless of the sport or level.


In this clinic, Kimberly will demonstrate with her horses in various levels of long line training how to introduce your horse to the lines, what basic training the horse must have before even being placed in the lines, how to properly handle the lines, equipment basics and more. Participants will get a chance to handle the lines on a trained horse for a short time, so they are prepared to begin working with their horses at home. Kimberly will also offer a discount on private long lining lessons for participants who wish to come work with her and their own horse or one of hers for more hands-on. This will be a very open session with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. 

Click here for more information on Kimberly Dunlap

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Date: May 4th & 5th
Location: Pine Lake Stables - 12300 Pine Lake Road, Plainwell

Ida Norris Clinic


GLASS-ED Members - 

Non-Members - 


GLASS-ED Members - 

Non-Members - 


Click here for more information on Ida Noris

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