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Kimberly Dunlap

For over 20 years Kimberly Dunlap has been involved in the Midwest and USDF Region II equestrian community as a rider, coach, trainer and clinician. Kimberly has devoted her life to her education and has passionately studied Classical Dressage, horsemanship, and biomechanics. She has ridden competitively to 4th Level herself and has coached riders to competitive success from Intro/beginner through 4th Level as well. 


Through the years Kimberly has worked with horses of many breeds, ranging from imported warmbloods, thoroughbreds, quarter horses, Arabians, Friesians, morgans, mustangs, appaloosas, paints, ponies, drafts and everything in between - even gaited!   She is especially passionate about helping non-traditional breeds transition successfully into Dressage or Western Dressage from other sports. She 110% believes that the study of classical horsemanship is for ALL horses and that, when done correctly, it brings out the most beautiful and most athletic version of each horse. Her ongoing commitment to understanding conformation, equine psychology, biomechanics, physics and Classical Dressage theory make her well-rounded approach powerful and effective. Kimberly has a patient, clear way of communicating that allows her riders to progress through the levels with confidence and success, both in and out of the show ring. She is the author and curator of The Science of Riding, a free resource for equine welfare and sound training practices.  


Other credentials include: ~ USDF Bronze Medalist ~ Attended the USDF "L" program in 2016-2017 (Anticipated completion date 2024)  ~Schooling show judge ~ USDF University Certificate 2016 ~ USDF University Diploma 2023 ~USDF Board of Governors Reg II delegate, 2010 ~ADA Board Member, various roles including President & Clinics chair 2010-2021  


For a more detailed list of accomplishments, awards and education, please visit

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