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Tara Graham
"The Equine Bit Fitter"

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Originally from the UK, Tara Graham, “The Equine Bit Fitter,” has been captivated by horses for as long as she can remember. As a teenager, Tara worked for competition barns in the UK in return for coaching. She was trained and certified in Canada as a bit and bridle fitter, is a student of the equine natural movement school in Washington state where she now resides, and also studied cranio sacral therapy in Colorado where she learned more about the cranial nerves of the horses and refined her feel for tension in areas of the horse’s head.


Combining the knowledge gained through these modalities, Tara was able to draw connections between the bit and bridle and how they influence the whole horse. She currently travels, presenting an educational, anatomy-based clinic addressing bit and bridle fitting which considers the horse’s unique anatomy.


With her horse skull ‘Hank,’ Tara educates equestrians in a setting that encourages questions and discussion. Other clinic topics include looking at the actions of popular modern day bits from an objective viewpoint, tips for the everyday equestrian to assess if their bit and bridle are well fitted, and a look at FEI and USEF rule changes on bits.

Tara's website:

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